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Holistic Horizons firmly believe in taking an inclusive, collaborative approach to disability support, emphasising compassion and self-empowerment. Shifting the focus onto the people we care for and helping them to become the best they can be. 

Find out why we are the leading Disability Support provider today.

Why choose Holistic Horizons?


Determined to ensure our support networks are versatile, responsive and adaptable to our client’s needs and wishes


We pride ourselves on the quality and sincerity of our communication. Striving to ask the right questions at the right times – building warm, lasting relationships.


We believe in providing our clients with a wholesome, fruitful, all-encompassing supportive experience. 


Everyone at Holistic Horizons is dedicated to the quality of the services we provide, and to the happiness and dignity of those in our care. 


We value the contributions our client’s families make, and we make sure to include them in our planning. We hold regular family meetings, and provide them ongoing access to our services coordinators.


We will always go the extra mile to make sure all whom we support feels valued and validated. We focus on our client’s abilities, rather than their disabilities.


Respite care and accomodation

From stays overnight to weekends away, holidays, and fully supported independent living, we provide the very best in supportive care and accommodation.

In-Home Care

At Holistic Horizons, we believe in a dignified approach to in home care, and in creating a constructive, empowering environment.

Community Access

Whether taking you to appointments, or to one-on-one activities, Holistic Horizons offers a wide variety of educational and recreational support—whatever you need; it’s up to you!

Support Coordination

We believe in giving our clients the skills they need to understand, implement, and make the best use of their NDIS plans. What’s best for you is best for us!


“Holistic Horizons have the best facilities, and the support workers genuinely care for me. I feel confident, independent, and in control of my life”


“I think Holistic Horizons is the best, because I have been with the company for a while and I am hoping that more people will join up and love it as much as I do”


“Our son has a couple of wonderful long-term support workers who guide and assist him where needed. We appreciate that Holistic Horizons gives him the flexibility to structure his week as he chooses. That is something that isn't always available through other service providers."

Leanne Peake - Parent

“Holistic Horizons are so caring and have given me the best opportunities to live my best life. I love the Holistic staff, and the facilities are the best.”


“The Support Worker has been 'amazing' to say the least. Kind, understanding, and just the very best fit.”

Patricia Harland - Parent

“Our son uses STA to help him work on his independence and daily living skills and loves the break from home and family.”

Leanne Peake - Parent